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Rising fuel and energy costs are a major concern. Individuals and business owners alike are realizing the importance of minimizing their electric costs. Solar Photovoltaics offered by HNu Energy provides exceptional energy savings. Paired with high efficiency products such as LED lighting a home or business can provide 100% of their energy from the sun.



For contractors a package kit is available. These pre-designed kits are modular and inclusive of everything needed to install PV on a home or business. Custom installed and designed systems ranging from home size to large commercial projects.

Sun Wave Solar PV Kits

The Sunwave Series of kits are pre-packaged photovoltaic (PV) systems offered by HNu Energy. The systems are designed as a complete kit for electrical contractors and homeowners interested in quickly and easily adding a grid-tied, solar electric system to a home or business. We offer three main configurations to build from. The Sun Wave 2000 (2kW) The Sun Wave 3000 (3kW) and Sun Wave 5000 (5kW).

The versatility of having a pre-designed system is apparent when installing large projects or adding on to an existing system. Each of the Sun Wave kits have the ability to be built on and expanded up to 100 kW. For systems larger than 100kW a power purchase agreement will need to be worked out with the local utility.

The Kit contains all the PV system materials required for a complete solar system installation, ensuring reduced costs, one-stop shopping, and ease of installation.

The Kit is designed for installation on residential asphalt, wood shingle, or tile roofs in a 6 panel wide by 2 panel tall configuration. Only 216 square feet of total roof area is required to install the Kit. HNu Energy also offers the Sunwave 3000 Kit (3kW) and larger Kits as special order items.

All Kits include: