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HNu Photonics BuildingHNu Solar focuses on the energy and efficiency markets. HNu Photonics, HNu Solar's parent company, is a Maui-based science and technology company founded in 2006. The 6,300 square foot facility in Wailuku’s Mill Yard includes an optics lab, a laser facility, an electronics lab, a machine shop, facilities for rapid prototype production, warehousing, and management offices.


HNu Photonics works with the local community and collaborates on an international level. We are pleased to offer specialized training and work experience for several technical interns from the University of Hawaii System.


HNu Solar specializing in creative renewable technology solutions from design to integration of systems ranging from solar PV, hybrid solar and wind, energy storage systems and energy efficient load reduction technologies. HNu Solar is a leader in groundbreaking renewable energy systems, save money by maximizing the efficiency of systems and increase return on an investment.





HNu Solar’s Preconfigured Solar PV Kits are a smart choice for your home or business. By pre-configuring Solar PV Kits the costs are lowered and there is no wasted time designing the system and assembling the necessary parts. Solar is a proven way to avoid rising eneergy costs. Immediately see the benefit of not paying for electricity. Start with a base kit and add on capacity as needed. Large systems for net metering are available up to 100kW.

HNu Solar is pleased to offer the option of Solar PV Electric Systems. Every system is custom designed for the needs of each individual home. Combining years of experience and scientific research this solar power package offers the HNu Solar client significant and lasting advantage while conserving valuable natural resources.


The HNu Solar series of solar PV Kits come with everything needed to start generating clean, safe, efficient electricity from the sun.

How Solar Works

PV systems generate DC power from the sun.

This Power is converted into AC by an inverter. The AC power is fed into the electric grid through the main utility meter. Solar power generated by the system is deducted from the homeowner’s energy bill.

MECO/HECO/HELCO will credit the homeowner’s account based on total energy usage down to a “net zero” energy charge.


HNu’s Vision: Helping our customers save money while saving scarce resources.Islands